Cable support systems

System description, U support and bracket systems

The perfectly matched U support family consists of US 3 (light-duty system), US 5 (medium-duty system) and US 7 (heavy-duty system). The U support range is particularly noted for its versatility. The U supports can be used as ceiling suspension, floor stand-off or as construction profiles.
Besides the U support family with comprehensive accessories, you can also find the wall and support brackets in this chapter. These can be fastened directly on the wall or on U supports. Classification takes place according
to load capacity. The appropriate maximum load can be easily derived from the type of the different wall and support brackets MWA 12 (max. load 1.2 kN), AW 15 (max. load 1.5 kN), AW 30 (max. load 3.0 kN) and AW 55 (max. load 5.5 kN).
On the following pages, you can select your preferred mounting variant from the installation diagrams shown and combine the corresponding articles in the order section. You can find a comprehensive article description and additional information for the articles, such as load and anchor diagrams, which can help you when selecting the system.