Cable support systems

Mounting aid, clamp fastening systems

Application on horizontal steel girder

Clamp fastenings using clamping angles and chuck jaws on horizontal steel girders.

Application on sloping steel girder

Clamp fastenings using clamping angles and chuck jaws on sloping steel girders.

Steel clamping, C profile rail

Fastening of a C profile, type CPS 4 G or CPS 5 G, to steel girder using clamping angles, type KWS.

Direct girder clamping

Direct girder clamping an I support using chuck jaw (heavy-duty), type TKS-S-30. Route along steel girder.

Clamp fastening with addition C profile

Use of an additional C profile rail, type CPS, for wider steel girders. Route along steel girder.

Clamping transverse to steel girder

Use with two C profile rails for tray mounting transverse to the steel girder.

Cantilever beam on steel

Installation of U support as cantilever beam on steel girder. Fastening with clamping angles or chuck jaws depending on load. Fastening with spacers, type DSK.

Cantilever beam with support

Cantilever beams made of U support construction clamped to steel girder for installing supports.

Clamp fastening on vertical steel girder

Installation of the adapter plate, type KA-AW, on the vertical steel girder using clamping angle or chuck jaws. Wall brackets of type AW are fixed to the adapter plate, using the hexagonal bolt SKS 12 x 40 GF.

45° adapter plate, steel clamping

Installation of the 45° adapter plate, type KA-E 45, on the steel girder using clamping angles or chuck jaws. For additional support of trays at room corners.

Vertical clamp fastening

Clamp fastening of a heavy-duty bracket with clamping angles or clamping lugs on a vertical steel girder.

Vertical clamp fastening

Installation of a mesh cable tray vertically on a steel girder, mounting with a beam clamp BFK and clamp GKS 50.

Horizontal clamp fastening

Installation of AZ channel using BFK beam clamp in a longitudinal direction on the steel girder. Maximum cable tray width 100 mm.