Cable support systems

Mounting aid, stainless steel systems

Ceiling mounting

Standard mounting of U supports US 3 K, US 5 K and US 7 K on the ceiling.

Wall mounting application

Direct fixing of wall and support brackets of type AW... on the wall.

Centre suspension with threaded rod

Cover fastening with threaded rod and central suspension for small loads.

Complete mounting of a ceiling fastening

Illustration of complete ceiling mounting with cable trays.

Mesh cable tray mounting

Mesh cable tray mounting with support, type US 3 K/... and appropriate wall and support bracket AW 15/...

Jump application

Implementation of vertical jumps with adjustable connectors, e.g. for ceiling joists.

Wall mounting application

Direct wall mounting of wide span systems.

Wide span fittings application

Mounting example for horizontal and vertical changes of direction for wide span systems.

Luminaire support tray application

Suspension of the luminaire support tray with chain and suspension bracket.

Complete mounting of a cable tray system

Illustration of a multi-layer cable tray system mounted on the ceiling.