Cable support systems

System description, cable tray system MKS,SKS

The cable tray is suitable for universal cable routing.
From low-voltage cabling to power supplies, from data cables to telecommunications networks.
A full product range with suitable system components can create perfect solutions to any task.
No matter whether used in dry inner areas or in aggressive atmospheres: Different surface versions and materials ensure safe corrosion protection.
Side heights of 35, 60, 85 and 110 mm up to the special cable tray systems DKS and IKS with 30% perforations and large entries and exits are available.
When installing fittings, always plan additional supports.
Besides the various fittings, the system also includes all types of connectors and additional accessories such as separating retainers, joint plates, mounting plates and covers.
You can find detailed mounting examples and article descriptions on the following pages.
You can find comprehensive information on the use of function maintenance in our new BSS fire protection systems catalogue.