Cable support systems

System description, cable tray system RKSM

The RKS-Magic® cable tray system permits even faster straight connection of the cable trays. The innovative, screwless straight connector can be mounted in the blink of an eye. Just connect the ends of the cable tray, lock them in place - and you're done! The long-lasting, static straight connectors can be permanently stabilised by bending the connection flaps. The RKS-Magic® cable tray is available with the side heights 35 and 60 mm. A comprehensive range of fittings with bends (45° and 90°), tees, add-on tees and cross-overs completes the system. 90° bends and adjustable vertical riser (rising/falling) are available for vertical changes of direction. When installing fittings, always plan additional supports.

Besides the various fittings, the system also includes all types of connectors (straight, angle and adjustable connectors) and additional accessories such as barrier strips, joint plates, mounting plates and covers.
You can find detailed mounting examples and article descriptions on the following pages. The RKS-Magic
® cable tray is tested for function maintenance. You can find comprehensive information on this in our new catalogue for BSS fire protection systems.