Cable support systems

System description, I support and bracket systems

The I support system from OBO Bettermann really comes into its own in situations where high loads must be carried, large distances must be bridged and difficult routes must be implemented. The I support system fulfils all the requirements of a heavy-duty cable mounting system. The high load capacities of all the system components permit the mounting of complex structures. The comprehensive range of head plates allows the implementation of all conceivable solutions. This heavy-duty system is used with large support spacings of wide span systems or for multi-layer setups of standard cable trays and cable ladder systems. The combination of I supports and support brackets of type AS 15, AS 30 and AS 55 form a perfectly matched product range, the height of which can be infinitely adjusted.
On the following pages, you can select your preferred mounting variant from the installation diagrams shown and combine the corresponding articles in the order section. You can find a comprehensive article description and additional information for the articles, such as load and anchor diagrams, which can help you when selecting the system.